Why This Texas Attorney?

We believe you deserve to have an advocate looking out for you. That’s why our Texas Attorney provides highly personalized services and meet our clients’ needs with care, dedication, and integrity.


A Texas Attorney Dedicated to Ethical and Honorable Practices

We have a passion for helping others. Additionally, we work hard to provide quality legal services at an affordable price. When you choose us, not only will our Texas attorney personally attend to your case, but will also deliver with care and efficiency.


We don’t make promises unless we’re fully confident we can keep them. Ultimately, our goal is to reliably deliver every time, so you can put your faith into someone who won’t let you down.


Our team of dedicated professionals will always have your back. Ultimately, you can count on us for guidance and support at each stage in the process, from the beginning, middle, and the end.


When you need an attorney, it can be difficult to find one that will work with your situation. Above all, we seek to understand your situation and provide the support you need.


During difficult times, we cannot overstate the importance of personal connection. Therefore, this Texas attorney is ready to listen and support you through these tough situations.

Skill and Strategy

Our Texas attorney has the experience and expertise you need to navigate your way through any legal matter. We are experts in our field and will provide you with a tailored solution.


We are experts in a variety of areas. Further, we are ready to stand with you no matter the situation. We’re here to help you through the process. Ultimately, we’ve got your back!

We are passionate about providing high-quality, cost-effective legal services to our clients. Dooley Noted Law strives to have a deep understanding of your needs. Ultimately, we are committed to be there for you every step along the way towards your success.

A Local Law Firm with a Far Reach.

Based in Central Texas, we are committed to our community. We pride ourselves in getting to know each of our clients on an individual level. Moreover, we believe it’s important to meet your unique needs. Our Texas attorney at Dooley Noted Law provide highly personalized services for our clients. This includes handling cases of all sizes and giving the best legal representation possible.

Whether you need help creating wills, getting compensation for injuries at work, or starting a new business, we’ve got the expertise that can get it done!

Central Texas Lawyer Dooley Noted
Texas Business Attorney, Michael Dooley, Dooley Noted Law

A goal-oriented Texas Attorney dedicated to your needs.

We are devoted to providing our clients with professional service and accountability. Further, our goal is for them to achieve their desired results. Our experts do this by applying a cost-effective approach which focuses on meeting goals efficiently while maintaining an honorable approach.

At Dooley Noted Law, we are determined to provide the highest level of service. Additionally, we pursue accountability and results in order for our clients to achieve success in their business or personal objectives.

Let us review your case for free.

We encourage you to let our attorney review the merits of the case and see if there are ways that Dooley Noted Law can help you in your situation. We invite you to schedule a consultation. Additionally, please bring any necessary information related to your case, such as photos, insurance policy or claim information. Our attorney will be happy to review your case with you. 

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Texas Business Attorney, Michael Dooley, Dooley Noted Law

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Founder & Attorney

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