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As a Texas Business Lawyer, we represent the founders, innovators, doers and entrepreneurs looking to run their businesses well. Dooley Noted is committed to helping business owners with transactional and litigation services.


A Texas Business Lawyer Dedicated to Supporting Small Business Owners

Dooley Noted advises business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders all throughout Texas on the best business strategies for each individual’s situation. Running a business is not a cookie-cutter system, therefore we customize our approach to maximize your goals. 

Entity Formation

Document Review & Contracts

Licenses & Forms

Entity Formation

You may have a good idea of the type of business you want to start, but figuring out how is tricky. Dooley Noted is here to help you through the formation process. We’ll help you look at your options. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly and quickly for your small business!

You don’t have to figure out the perfect business structure on your own. Dooley Noted can help you with everything it takes to form your small business. We help foster the growth and formation of Limited Liability Companies, C-Corporations, S-corporations and various other entity formations.

Entity Formation with Dooley Noted Includes:

Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization

The required documents to legally form your entity.

Digital Copies of State Filing Confirmation

You will receive all digital copies for your records.

EIN Business Tax Number

Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) is your federal tax ID. You need it to pay federal taxes, hire employees, open a bank account, and apply for business licenses and permits.

Operating Agreement

Establish the ground rules for your limited liability company.

Business Tax Consultation

Professional business tax advice and planning.

Banking Resolution

The central hub of your estate plan with provisions for the management, control, and distribution of your assets during life and after death.

Registered Agent Service for one year

A registered agent is an individual or entity that you choose to receive service of process notices, government correspondence, and compliance-related documents on behalf of the LLC. A Registered Agent is required for any entity formation.

Texas Business Lawyer Form your entity

Document Review & Contracts

Document review is a phase of the litigation and legal process. The purpose of a document review is to examine which documents are revelant to the case. Additionaly, it ensures that they meet legal obligation when an opposing party requests documents. In order to meet the requirements of the request, all the data must be reviewed.

Business legal documents can be complex and confusing. However, Dooley Noted Law is here to help you make sense of it all. We offer a number of business legal documents per year for legal review.

Document Review & Contracts includes:

Contract Formation

We can assist you in creating or reviewing contracts necessary for your business.

Draft of Documents

Business legal documents can be complex and confusing. Let one of our partnering attorneys help. Submit your business legal documents for legal review.

Negotiation of Documents

Contract negotiation is an action to achieve a specific goal or objective and make an agreement or contract in a negotiation with another party or parties.

Review of Documents

If you have already drafted documents or contracts, let out legal assistants review for any necessary edits or changes.

Texas Business Lawyer Central Texas Form your entity

Licenses & Forms

As a business owner, there are many licenses and forms you will need to consider. Whether you’re providing a product or a service, all businesses need a business license. In addition, employers will receive both an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and a Tax ID number. 

After that, looking at permits is key. What permits do you need to operate your business? Are you serving alcohol and need a permit to cover that? Or are you planning on doing signage or a building remodel? All of the above items require a permit.

While we know this all sounds like a lot, it is crucial that your company has this covered.  Above all, know that Dooley Noted is here and ready to help you through it all.

Licenses & Forms includes:

Sales Tax Permit

If you are selling and reselling goods, more than likely you will need to apply for your Sales Tax and Use permit. We can help you walk down the proper path to get your Sales Tax Permit ready to go for your business.

Other License or Permit

Depending on the type business, there are certain permits and licenses required. Dooley Noted will help you determine which ones are needed and how to obtain them.

Texas Business Lawyer Start a Business

Successful businesses need a strong legal foundation. Your Texas Business Lawyer at Dooley Noted will guide you through the process, from start to finish. Additionally, we will offer quality advice for success in your industry.



Let your Texas Business Lawyer help your business from start to finish.

All small business owners run into questions throughout the business ownership journey. Whether about contracts, or employee agreements, every business owner will be faced with multiple questions. As a result, this Texas Business Lawyer exists to help answer those questions about Texas Small Business Law.  Ultimately, Dooley Noted offers affordable legal solutions, and quality advice to help achieve your goals.

With over 10 years experience and hundreds of clients throughout the years, we are prepared to meet you where you are. In addition, we help you get to where you want to be. Legal advise for small business owners in Texas doesn’t have to be scary with your Texas Business Lawyer. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Most importantly, Dooley Noted Law, PLLC prides ourselves on being the affordable and efficient option with unmatched customer service. 

Business Lawyer in Central Texas Restaurant Industry


A Texas Business Lawyer assisting Restaurants & Hospitality

One of our primary focuses at Dooley Noted, is the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. From washing dishes, to owning various restaurants, our team has vast experience in succeeding in the Food and Beverage world. We are very passionate about the Food and Beverage industry. In other words, we are excited to partner with local restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, etc. Whether your goal is to franchise, or to execute quality menu planning. Dooley Noted has you covered.

We would love to assist you in filling out permits and licenses. Additionally, we can also help you with the TABC. Your Texas Business Lawyer restaurant services include but are not limited to:


        • Restaurant Placement and Locations
        • Lease Review and Negotiations
        • Employee Handbook and Policy & Procedures
        • HR and Labor situations
        • Tax Planning
        • Brand Development
        • Trade Secrets and Recipe Protections
        • Vendor Negotiations
        • Contract Review
        • TABC
        • Franchising
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