Affordable Legal Services in Texas

Dooley Noted Law has partnered with Texas Legal, providing affordable legal services for individuals and families across the state of Texas. Learn how Texas Legal can help you.


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Providing Affordable Legal Services in Texas for nearly 50 years.

Created 50 years ago by the State Bar of Texas, Texas Legal set out to provide access to affordable legal services for everyday Texans. Through our partnership, Texans can get the legal assistance they need without the high dollar cost.

Will & Estate Planning

We believe that it is very important that every individual have their affairs in order. Dooley Noted is committed to helping clients with their specific needs for a Will or with their Estate Planning.

Real Estate

We negotiate and draft all types of real estate documents, from retail and restaurant leases to property acquisitions and sales. We're here to keep your real estate safe and secure.


No matter wether you are an individual or business and you may find yourself with an immigration matter. Dooley Noted is committed to helping clients in the variety of Immigration cases. 

Personal Injury

If you have been a have been injured at the negligence of another person and required compensation for your injury, reach out immediately to Dooley Noted Law. We have our team ready to assist!

Business Law

We counsel clients needing assistance in Texas Business Law providing high-quality legal services. We don’t focus on singular problems; rather, we seek to build lasting relationships  so we may grow together.

Insurance Disputes

One of the most abused and overlooked sections of the insurance policy is that of the appraisal. Dooley Noted is committed to helping the Insurers stay accountable to the Insured. 

Let us review your case for free.

Let our team review the merits of the case. We will see if Dooley Noted Law can help you in your situation through our affordable legal services with Texas Legal. Schedule a consultation today. Our attorney will be happy to review your case with you.

How We Provide Affordable Legal Services to Texans

Having access to affordable legal services is not out of reach. Through our partnership with Texas Legal, they ensure Texans receive affordable and honest help for life’s most unexpected legal challenges.

Texas Legal offers two options to become a member. Whether you obtain membership through your employer or sign up as an individual, you and your family members can benefit from your membership.

Employer offered Affordable Legal Plans

Employer-offered plans through Texas Legal cover a variety of legal services. Because you belong to a workplace or organization, you can save much more on your monthly or yearly premium. 

Independent Legal Plans

Suppose your employer does not offer Texas Legal as part of its benefits package. In that case, you can undoubtedly become a member of Texas Legal to protect you and your family from the unexpected legal challenges of everyday life. Texas Legal makes it easy to access affordable legal services. Follow the link to sign up.

Dooley Noted partners with Texas Legal to provide affordable legal services in Texas

How It Works

Become a Member

Choose a plan independently or through your employer and pay an affordable monthly  premium. Anyone who lives in Texas is eligible!

Connect to an Attorney

Set up a consultation or appointment with an attorney in the Texas Legal network and let them know you’re a Texas Legal member.

Partner with a Local Attorney

Once you’ve chosen an attorney, you can dive into whatever legal matter you need assistance. Your membership pays for your attorney fees!

Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas

Why Hire an Attorney Who Offers Affordable Legal Services?

The cost of legal services can set anyone back. Hiring an attorney through Texas Legal is an affordable way to handle life’s legal issues. 

As an experienced Texas attorney, Dooley Noted is proud to partner with Texas Legal to offer its members affordable legal services. If you’re interested in working with an attorney in the Texas Legal network, sign up for a free consultation through our website and let our team know you’re a Texas Legal member!

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