Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas

The appraisal is one of the most abused and overlooked sections of the insurance policy. Therefore, in Texas, this insurance dispute lawyer is committed to helping the insurers stay accountable to the insured.


An Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas Fighting for the Policy Holders

Dooley Noted Law, PLLC is here to help keep the insurers accountable to the policy holders.    In addition, we will fight for your rights, and assist in the entire process of achieving what      you deserve.

Wind or Storm Damage

This is a common occurrence in the State of Texas. However, you don’t have to face this alone. We can help communicate with the insurance company, the adjusters, and all the folks involved in your claim.

Flood Damage

If you need assistance in pursuing your insurance claim, reach out to Dooley Noted Law, PLLC. We have our team ready to assist!

Denied or Underpaid Claim

Insurance companies want to pressure you into feeling like you don’t have time. However, don’t rush the process. Let us help you get the total amount owed by the policy terms.

Fire Damage

Fire damage results in dangerous conditions, whether the entire building or a section. However, we are ready to assist you with your insurance claim.

Property Damage

If you have experienced property damage, there is help! Ultimately, Dooley Noted will assist you in uncovering all the unknowns and giving you what you deserve.

Roof Damage

Our goal is to help find you justice and hold the insurance company accountable. Therefore, let us help you pursue justice for your claim.

Let us review your case for free.

Let our insurance dispute lawyer in Texas review the merits of the case. We will see if there are ways that Dooley Noted Law can help you in your situation. Schedule a consultation, and please bring photos and your insurance policy and claim information. Our attorney will be happy to review your case with you.

Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas for Denied or Underpaid Insurance Claims

Insurance Companies are notorious for avoiding paying their insured clients. They do this by using tricks and minor technicalities. As a result, the insurance company makes more profit. Therefore, denying, delaying, or underpaying claims are widespread among insurance companies.

Unfortunately, homeowners and business owners left empty-handed is a familiar scenario. For instance, property damage insurance companies will often deny, underpay, or delay claims. Additionally, they have lengthy and frustrating communications with their clients. As a result, homeowners typically accept a claim denial or low-ball offer due to being left with no other choice.

However, insurers don’t need to have the final say. We can help you get what you need to cover your costs. Even if your insurance company initially denied your claim, there is still hope.

Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas


An insurer may deny a claim for any number of reasons. Claiming that a policy bans specific loss coverage is a popular reason. Additionally, they might void the policy by stating that you paid the premiums late. However, these claims are not always accurate and not always reasons to deny a claim.

There are multiple ways to reverse the opinion. In conclusion, please don’t settle for denial without letting our attorney and experts look at your situation.


Insurance companies often drag the process out over a long period. This is a common tactic. In addition, they hope that the client feels overwhelmed or pressured into making a quick decision. Nevertheless, don’t let insurance companies bully you like that!

The state expects insurance companies to follow specific rules and procedures. Therefore, we will gladly help remind them of their good-faith duties.


Insurance companies know that their insured clients are in a challenging situation. Additionally, they see your desperate need for financial assistance. Therefore, they attempt to flex their muscles by offering a low amount.

However, do not let the insurance company back you into a corner. Further, don’t let them make you believe that you are alone and pressed for time. Instead, let us help you get the total amount owed by the policy terms.

Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas


Property Damage Attorney in Texas

Our goal is to help find you justice and hold the insurance company accountable. Additionally, we want to hear the truth and keep people to their word. Let us help you fight for your claim. In other words, help is out there for those who have experienced property damage. We know that there are many unknowns within the property damage claims. Ultimately, Dooley Noted is well-prepared to help you answer many of those questions.

My Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

My Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Many insurance companies deny claims, offer low settlements, and make it difficult getting your life back on track. If you are currently going through this type of situation, don't despair! We're sharing what to do if your insurance company is acting in bad faith....