What to Do If You Are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Even when heavily avoided, it's common to get injured in a motorcycle accident. Here's what to do when you experience a motorcycle injury.
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Injured in a motorcycle accident in Texas? This occurs all the time. Further, many people don’t know their rights as a motorcyclist. In this blog post, we will explain how to avoid an accident. Additionally, we will share how to get help if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Texas. Dooley Noted Law is here to help you receive what you deserve.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident: Texas Stats

Unfortunately, accidents are far too common in Texas. Ultimately, motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries or death. Therefore, it’s essential to be extra careful when driving a motorcycle in Texas.

An average of one motorcyclist dies every day in Texas. In 2019, some accidents killed 412 motorcyclists and injured more than 1800 motorcyclists. If you were in a motorcycle accident, seeking legal help from a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas is crucial. Furthermore, in 2020, casualties in Austin, Texas, killed 482 motorcyclists.

Avoid a Motorcycle Injury: Dangers for Drivers

One of the most common dangers to a motorcycle driver is being small and not being seen. Due to the size of motorcycles, they are not as visible as larger cars. Therefore, it is harder to see them. Additionally, motorcycles can be difficult to control in a sudden stop or accident. This increases the chances of an accident happening. 

Despite being a thrill to ride, motorcycles are also one of the riskiest vehicles on the road. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries or death. Moreover, it’s essential to seek legal help from a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas. To avoid an accident, take extra precautions when driving your motorcycle.

Precautions for Motorcyclists 

In Texas, drivers should be aware of motorcyclists on the road. However, motorcyclists should also take extra protection with driving. If you are careful, you may be able to avoid an accident.

There are several things that motorcyclists can do to stay safe on the road. Follow these steps below to ensure your safety.

Wear a Helmet

A helmet is the most crucial gear that a motorcyclist can wear. This will protect the rider’s head in the event of a crash. Further, Texas law requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Motorcyclists should be aware of their surroundings while driving. Drivers in cars and trucks often do not see motorcyclists. Therefore, motorcyclists need to be mindful of the other vehicles on the road. Additionally, motorcyclists should watch out for debris and roadkill, which can be more dangerous on a motorcycle.

Slow Down

Motorcyclists should always drive the speed limit. Speeding is a significant contributor to motorcycle accidents. Moreover, when riders are going too fast, they can lose control of their bike and end up in a crash. Additionally, motorcyclists should use signals to let other drivers know their intentions. For instance, they need to signal when turning or changing lanes.

Don’t Act Recklessly

Motorcyclists can quickly be involved in an accident when driving recklessly by showing off or speeding between cars and traffic. It is essential to be aware of your surroundings and not take unnecessary risks.

Don’t Drive Drunk or Intoxicated

It is very dangerous to drive while intoxicated and often results in accidents or death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 30 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involve alcohol. Further, impaired riders put themselves at risk and other drivers on the road.

Make Yourself Visible

Since a motorcycle is small, it’s less visible than other vehicles on the road. You can make yourself more visible by wearing bright colors and using your headlight, even during the day.

Take a Safety Course

Before driving a motorcycle, be sure to take a safety course. Further, make sure you have a motorcycle license endorsement on your driver’s license. You can get this endorsement by taking a motorcycle skills test through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

What to do if You are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

If you were in an accident, follow these steps to ensure your safety:

  • Report the accident to the local authorities
  • Get documentation of the crash scene 
  • Get reports from any witnesses 
  • Report a claim with the insurance company 
  • Call an attorney 

Why hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, we advise you to hire a personal injury lawyer in Texas. The motorcyclist has rights, and those rights need to be protected. Nevertheless, it is easy to blame a motorcycle since they are small and hard to see. However, motorcyclists are not always at fault, and most of the time, they are the victim. 

Dooley Noted wants to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the proper remedy and treatment for the accident. If an accident injured you, connect with us for a free consultation

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