Real Estate Lawyer in Austin

Whether it’s a simple or complex real estate transaction, your real estate lawyer in Austin will work to always keep your best interest in mind.


A Real Estate lawyer in  Austin dedicated to protect the largest purchase of your life.

We negotiate and draft all types of real estate documents, from retail and restaurant leases to property acquisitions and sales. Dooley Noted is here to keep your real estate safe and secure.

Purchases & Sales

Landlord/Tenate Disputes

Lease Review

Property Disputes


Purchase & Sales

Dooley Noted is your trusted Real Estate lawyer. Whether it’s complex transactions, like purchasing large commercial properties or simple ones such as entering into brokerage agreements, with our expertise in Real Estate law, we’re here for every step along the way.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, selling your home or investing in real estate, it’s necessary to know the do’s and don’ts of this ever changing market – we can help. Our team has experience with laws specifically related towards buying/selling homes which will save time and money down the road!

Purchases & Sales:

Real Estate Document Preparation

We make certain that your rights are protected by making sure all relevant clauses in the contract are in your best interests.

Real Estate Deeds

We’re here to take you step by step through the process. Once a contract is signed, it may be too late or very difficult for changes – but don’t worry. Let us help ensure that everything will go smoothly. 

Commercial Real Estate Consultations

There are many laws and regulations in the commercial real estate market, which is why it’s important to have an attorney on your side who has experience with every aspect. Dooley Noted provides top-tier legal guidance for all matters pertaining to Commercial Real Estate.

Owner Financing Contracts

If you’re in the process of negotiating an owner financing contract for your next buy or sale, it’s important to make sure that any terms are comprehensive and tailored towards what will work best with your specific situation. We will help you determine if the contract will fit your goals.

Title Transfers

We can prepare the title transfer for you in Texas. Our team is well-versed on all matters related to this field and will do everything possible to make sure your interests are protected.

Landlord/Tenate Disputes

Landlords and tenants should be aware of their legal rights when it comes to the renting or owning property. There are many different laws that protect both parties. There is a lot that must be considered such as eviction procedures, problems with contractors, breach of contract, or fraud and foreclosure.

No matter the situation, Dooley Noted is here to assist. inorder to provide the best possible outcome.


Landlord & Tenant Disputes:

Eviction or Unlawful Retainer

If you run into either of these issues, contact us immediately.

Violated Lease Agreement

Unfortunately violations do happen. Don’t get caught in a bind without Dooley Noted on your side.

Failure to Repair or Keep up with Facilities

Is your landlord not taking responsibilities for repairs? Contact Dooley Noted and we will help!

Lease Review

Commercial lease contracts are often drafted by attorneys employed or contracted with the landlord. These leases generally have their interests in mind. To ensure both tenant/landlord rights are protected under law, Dooley Noted is here to make sure the contract also has your interests in mind as the tenant or the landlord.

Lease Review:

Commercial Lease

Whether you need assistance with drafting, reviewing, or negotiating, Dooley Noted will come through for it all. 

Residential Lease

From negotiations to contracts to general counsel, let Dooley Noted make sure everything is in line with your best interests.  

Property Disputes

Property disputes can quickly become heated and lawyers are often not involved until after the fact. However, if you contact us before things get too complicated, we can avoid unnecessary drama and help find an agreement that’s beneficial for all parties involved. 

Here at Dooley Noted, we handle legal matters related to land ownership including title and boundary disputes as well as fence placement or roadways access issues. Contact us today, so we can understand your unique situation and find an immediate solution.

Property Disputes:

Construction Disputes

When it comes to construction disputes, nothing is more valuable than having all the needed resources and documents. Dooley Noted will help resolve the issue promptly.

Boundary Disputes

The most common issue for landowners are boundaries between their own land and adjacent properties. These borderlines make sure that neighboring farmers don’t infringe upon each others’ grounds or get too close in proximity.

Breach of Contract

When someone breaches their obligation in a contract related to property, the other party can pursue damages for their losses.

Real Estate Fraud

Anytime you think that someone has taken your money or something of value under false pretenses, please contact us immediately. Real estate fraud is a very serious charge and can have lasting consequences for both the guilty party as well their family members involved in this type transaction.

When it comes to a Real Estate Lawyer in Austin, Dooley Noted has you covered. We understand the complicated nuances in real estate transactions and we will find innovative solutions with your best interests in mind.


A Real Estate Lawyer in Austin that fights for your best interests.

Landlords and tenants often find themselves in positions where they must rely on the law to settle their differences. When you’re dealing with complicated landlord-tenant issues, mistakes can have lasting effects for years down the road.

It’s also important to understand the different guidelines between residential and commercial properties. Here at Dooley Noted, we will make sure that you understand the rules and guidelines. Additionally, we fight to ensure you receive a fair outcome.


A Real Estate Lawyer in Austin who stands with you until the end.

When you’re buying a property, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the legal jargon. Our real estate attorneys bring specialized experience and will be there every step of way. Additionally, we will guide you through these confusing waters so that everything goes smoothly. There’s no need to stress or worry when Dooley Noted is on your side.

We have an unmatched reputation for creativity and expertise in the Real Estate field. A real estate lawyer in Austin will stand beside you. Moreover, we work on finding solutions that we tailor to your needs. There are many circumstances in which a lawyer isn’t only helpful but crucial. Dooley Noted can offer assistance for any property transaction. Ultimately, we will help ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

When buying a property, we can help with the following:

  • Advise the plan to find the right property
  • Negotiate with brokers
  • Compose and audit purchase agreements
  • Write, review, and execute a contract of sale
  • Commercial real estate consultation and transactions
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